YouTube Sign Up Page

YouTube Sign Up Page is the official YouTube Sign in page at the upper right corner of YouTube logo to access with your Gmail or Google account. If you are a new YouTube users you got the way to create an account with your personal information and details in the official login homepage of YouTube.

u tube homepage sign in

u tube homepage sign in

The procedure to create YouTube account to accessing on the YouTube sign up page are given below:

  1.  Go on the administration homepage of the YouTube. Click on Sign In button to access on ”Create an Account” of the YouTube.
  2.  Click ”Create an Account” to fill up the registration form with your basic information and details.
  3.  After that you will be asked to create a Google username when signing up which is for your new Gmail email address only not your public name of YouTube.
  4.  After finished setting up your Gmail account then click back to Youtube to get started with your new Gmail email address and password.
YouTube account form

YouTube account form

After that you are able to landed on the official homepage of YouTube with your YouTube account where you can get benefits of YouTube operating system and program including Like, Subscribe, Favourites, Watch Later and Watch History. You are also able to personalize YouTube video reccomendations based on the videos you have liked and Subscription.

Now you are able to upload your own videos and share it to your friends, family and the world. In there, you can get comments on your videos, create your own playlists and create your own channel.

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