R.Kelly Black Panties

IF you are waiting for the album of the R&B singer R.Kelly then your waiting is over. R.Kelly the R&B singer is out with his new album “Black Panties”. This album is the solo studio collection by R&B singer R.Kelly which is released in USA on december 10, 2013 complete with RCA Record. R.Kelly says that Black Panties is the new 12 play that is different from his previous album Love Letter and Write Me Back. The featured artists for the album “Black Panties” are as fallows: – Ludacris – 2 Chainz – Kelly Rowland – Young Jeezy Future – Migos – Juicy J Hoping to see the album will be able to create a good image to people’s heart. You can also see the promo of songs and find the songs on YouTube official website. You can also share the songs on social networking site



The latest news is R.Kelly “Black Panties” on progression to sell 100000 copies by the end of tracking week on this sunday december 15 2013 which should be enabled for debut for the album and make it the biggest new release of the week. With the relase of his album Black Panties he definetly gives the listener their money worth. His album host an electro mix of the good, the bad, the ugly, the just traditional unplesant and the unique one for his fan.

His is also busy with cooperating with a number of representative scenario artists in a short amount of time. Now he is currently in the top 20 on the bill board hot 100 with Lady Gaga collaboration ” Do What You Want” and he also devoted up with Justin Bieber on the track “PYD”. Further Kelly is featured on G- Mix of Burno Mars which also boasts Pharell. Move on to YouTube official site to know more about the singer and his album Black Panties and hoped he will make his fan satisfied.

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